(A)   The annual driver's permit shall be valid until the last day of the driver's birth month.
   (B)   A renewal of the annual driver's permit shall be issued upon a complete renewal application being submitted to the Department containing all the information required for an initial driver's permit which includes that the applicant seeking a renewal permit does not have any disqualifiers that would have prevented them from receiving an initial driver's permit.  Submitted along with the renewal application shall be the following:
      (1)   An intent to lease/hire from the applicable certificate holder;
      (2)   Kentucky driving record for the previous year;
      (3)   Criminal history report for the previous year;
      (4)   Proof of completion of annual safety training program, as required in § 115.247, within the year preceding the renewal application date; and
      (5)   Report certifying the applicant is in good standing with the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Revenue Commission.
   (C)   A driver who fails to pay any administrative penalties or who has failed to adhere to any administrative disciplinary penalties imposed for any violation of this subchapter or its rules and regulations shall be ineligible to renew the driver's permit.
   (D)   A driver whose driver's permit has been revoked shall not be eligible to renew his or her permit unless they fully meet all the requirements for the issuance of an initial permit as detailed within this subchapter.
   (E)   If the driver's permit holder is no longer qualified to hold the driver's permit at the time of renewal, the Department shall not issue the renewal permit and the certificate holder shall be notified of this decision and the reasons for the same.
   (F)   Fees and duration.  An applicant may apply at any time in the calendar year cycle.  All applicants shall pay a non-refundable fee of $30 at the time of application.
   (G)   When a driver changes affiliation from one certificate holder to another, prior to the change, he or she must:
      (1)   Surrender their driver's permit to the Department;
      (2)   Be issued a new driver's permit for the new affiliation;
      (3)   Place the surrendered driver's permit in inactive status until the permit expires; and
      (4)   Pay a $30 transfer fee to reactivate an old permit and/or change from one certificate holder to another.
   (H)   The Director may issue a special temporary driver's permit for special events. This permit shall be valid for a period of 15 days beginning 13 days before the event and shall expire two days after the event.  The fee for this permit shall be $30.
   (I)   In the event of the loss of a driver's permit, a duplicate permit may be issued upon the request of the driver and the payment of a $15 processing fee.
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