(A)   A notarized application for a certificate shall be filed with the Department upon forms provided by the Department and with payment of a nonrefundable fee of $100 for processing the application and issuing the certificate.  In addition, the application shall include a non-refundable licensing fee of $30 for each vehicle for hire that is part of the application.
   (B)   Every certificate shall expire at 12:00 midnight, January 31st of each year.  A new application and application fee must be filed with the Department by January 15 of each year in order to continue providing a ground transportation service.  An annual license fee of $30 per current vehicle for hire will also be due at this time and at anytime throughout the license year when the certificate holder adds a vehicle for hire to their fleet.
   (C)   An application for a certificate shall at a minimum contain the following information:
      (1)   The applicant's full true name and mailing address;
         (a)   If the applicant is one or more natural persons, then all principal owners shall comply.
         (b)   If the applicant is other than a natural person or individual, such as a corporation, partnership, each officer, director, general partner, principal owner and each other person who will participate directly in decisions relating to management of the business shall sign the application for a license as the applicant and comply with the requirements of this section.
      (2)   Corporate name, partnership name, LLC name, or individual name;
      (3)   The legal name, including the registered trade name of the ground transportation service;
      (4)   The business address of the ground transportation service;
      (5)   The name, address, and telephone number of the registered agent for service of process for the ground transportation service;
      (6)   Revenue Commission number for the ground transportation service;
      (7)   If the applicant is not the owner of record of the real property, on which the business is located or to be located, the application should include the name and address of the owner of record of the real property;
      (8)   All convictions of, or forfeitures of bonds, pleas of guilty or nolo contendere to any felony or offenses by the applicant involving a controlled substance, prostitution, obscenity, or any crime of a sexual nature in any jurisdiction within five years immediately prior to the application;
      (9)   The financial status of the applicant, including any judgments against the applicant, together with information regarding the amount of any such judgment and the nature of the transaction or acts giving rise to such judgments.  This information shall be presented in a certified financial statement current within 30 days of the date of application submission;
      (10)   The experience of the applicant in the transportation of passengers;
      (11)   The total number of vehicles authorized by the Kentucky Department of Transportation (supported by a copy of the state certificates, state inventory list for vehicles approved or letter authorizing the same), and fee receipt cards with the vehicle number; make; model; year of manufacture; passenger seating capacity; vehicle identification number; state-issued distinguishing license plate number, and state-issued vehicle license tag to be operated or controlled by the applicant;
      (12)   The location of the proposed depots and terminals;
      (13)   The color scheme, numbering sequence and insignia to be used to designate the vehicles of the applicant;
      (14)   Any commitment to deliver services in areas that are not currently being adequately served or service improvements above the level of service generally available from ground transportation service(s) currently operating in Louisville Metro;
      (15)   Any certificate holder authorized for 25 or more vehicles for hire must have 2% of its authorized vehicles as wheelchair accessible taxicabs (applies only to ground transportation service providers that furnish taxicab service);
      (16)   Procedures for training drivers;
      (17)   Rules and regulations governing driver appearance and conduct;
      (18)   Rates of fares for all vehicles for hire, except taxicabs;
      (19)   Such further information as the Department may require.
   (D)   A certificate holder must notify the Department prior to changing any material information contained in the application, such as, but not limited to, a change of address, company name, company officers, rules and regulations governing driver appearance or behavior, procedures for training drivers, ownership of the certificate holder, and removing or adding vehicles for hire.
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