§ 115.260  USE OF TAXIMETER.
   (A)   It shall be the duty of the taxicab driver or operator of a taxicab to deactivate the taximeter into a cleared position at the termination of each trip and to keep it deactivated until such time as the taxicab has been engaged for hire or the driver is requested by an inspector to engage it for testing purposes.
   (B)   For purposes of clarity and fairness, a taxicab will be considered to be engaged for hire when:
      (1)   A prospective passenger conveys his or her desire to hire a specific taxicab to the driver of such taxicab and the vehicle begins movement away from its stopped position;
      (2)   A prospective passenger consents to or tells the taxicab driver it is permissible to start the taximeter in consideration for what will be waiting time to the taxicab driver as a result of the prospective passenger not being ready or able to leave immediately; or
      (3)   A prospective passenger makes a request for a time call run and the taxicab is waiting at the appointed place and time.
   (C)   On any request for a time call run, the taxicab driver will:
      (1)   Give a full three-minute grace period to a time call passenger before engaging the taximeter;
      (2)   Tell any prospective time call passenger before accepting that passenger that the taximeter has already been activated due to a lapse in time beyond the three-minute grace period whenever this situation presents itself;
      (3)   Tell the prospective passenger the amount of time elapsed and the amount of money charged for the drop at the time when the passenger enters the taxicab.
      (4)   No taxicab driver shall be required to wait longer than five minutes for any time call unless the taxicab driver has specific knowledge that the prospective passenger is in route to the taxicab and his or her arrival at the taxicab is imminent.
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