(A)   Commercial quadricycle business must submit its proposed travel route to the Department of Codes and Regulations for approval.  The proposed travel route shall include:
      (1)   The starting and ending points;
      (2)   Drop-off points;
      (3)   The duration of the trip;
      (4)   The expected starting times; and
      (5)   The days of the week that the quadricycle will be traveling this route.
   (B)   The Department of Codes and Regulations, in consultation with the Department of Public Works, may approve, deny, or modify proposed travel routes for commercial quadricycles after consideration of the following factors:
      (1)   The number of other travel routes;
      (2)   The safety concerns raised by operating the commercial quadricycle on proposed public highways and streets;
      (3)   The density of vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the area during the proposed operating times; and
      (4)   Any other information relevant in the approval process.
   (C)   Appeal of any denied travel route must be done so in conformity with LMCO §§ 32.275 et seq.  The appeal must be filed within seven days from the date of issuance.
   (D)   The Department of Codes and Regulations may place additional conditions and limitations on any approved travel route.  Such conditions and limitations may include, but are not limited to, dates and time of operation.
   (E)   Temporary travel routes are permissible upon approval by the Department of Codes and Regulations.  In addition to conforming to the other requirements of this section, the temporary travel route proposal shall include the dates and time of operation.  Any temporary travel route proposal submitted to operate in or around an organized civic or community-sponsored event, as defined in 804 KAR 4:250, shall have the express written permission from the organizer or sponsor of the event.
(Lou. Metro Ord. No. 81-2017, approved 5-15-2017)