General Provisions
   101.001   Definitions
   101.002   Enforcement
   101.003   Placing debris on streets prohibited
   101.004   Removal of sod and the like
   101.005   Car washes
   101.006   Parade permits
   101.007   Keeping sidewalks clear
   101.008   Gratings to be set flush
   101.009   Cross gutters
   101.010   Injuring sidewalks
   101.011   Duty of police to report defects
   101.012   Closing of public streets and alleys
   101.013   Obstruction of public property
   101.014   Hardball/baseball prohibited in Forsythe Square
   101.015   Solicitation by pedestrians on or about public streets or ways
   101.016   Sales or distribution of literature on public streets or property
   101.017   Alleys; loitering prohibited
   101.018   Utility relocation
Slags and Cinders
   101.030   Permit required
   101.031   Permit nontransferable
   101.032   Term of permit
   101.033   Truck requirements
   101.034   Covering of substances
   101.035   Unauthorized hauling a nuisance
   101.036   Exemptions
   101.037   Enforcement
   101.038   Remedies
Construction of Sidewalks
   101.055   Permit; compliance required
   101.056   Application for grade
   101.057   City Engineer to furnish plans, specifications and grade
   101.058   Construction specifications
   101.059   Work to be done promptly
   101.060   Inspection; notice of improper work
   101.061   Construction or repair by city at intersection
   101.062   Assessments for new sidewalks
   101.063   Specifications for driveways
   101.064   Orders to repair
   101.065   Repairs by city
Sidewalk Openings and Excavations
   101.080   Excavation permit required; application
   101.081   Safety regulations
   101.082   Covers for all openings required
   101.083   Liability
Breaking and Opening Curbs
   101.095   Applicability of subchapter
   101.096   Application and drawing required
   101.097   Supervision by City Engineer
   101.110   Definitions
   101.111   Paving across parkways
   101.120   License required; application
   101.121   License fee
   101.122   Revocation of license
   101.123   Bond
   101.124   Failure to do work
   101.125   Impressions in sidewalk
   101.126   Replacing defective work
Procedure for Vacation of Public Ways and Places
   101.140   Requirements of state law to be met
   101.141   Petition to City Engineer
Construction Traffic Regulations
   101.155   Permit required to travel off of designated truck routes
   101.156   Permit process; bond
   101.157   Application and compliance
Nuisances Hindering or Impeding Traffic
   101.165   Prohibited conduct