(a)   Each licensee shall keep the sidewalks surrounding the open parking station free from dirt, ice, sleet and snow and shall keep the sidewalks in a safe condition for the travel of pedestrians.
   (b)   Along boundaries abutting public streets the licensee of an open parking station or lot shall construct or erect a masonry curb eight (8) inches in height and six (6) inches in thickness or a fence, barricade or other structure of a permanent nature, except for exits and driveways. Said exits and driveways shall not extend over thirty percent (30%) of the distance along the boundary abutting a street; except, that this regulation shall not be construed to require an exit or driveway of less than fifteen (15) feet in width; provided further, that no such exit or driveway shall be more than thirty (30) feet in width. No vehicle shall be parked between said curb or barricade and the sidewalk or street line.
(Ord. 156, passed 7-12-1937; Ord. 908, passed 4-17-1950)