(a)   No street, lane, alley or other public place within the City shall be temporarily closed without permission of the City Council, upon such terms and conditions it may prescribe, or as otherwise permitted by law. Persons requesting temporary street closings shall apply to the City Administrator, on an application form to be prepared by him or her, setting forth the name and address of the applicant, an account of the reasons for the requested temporary street closing and any further information as may be required by the City Administrator. The applicant shall submit in conjunction with his or her application a deposit. The deposit amount shall be established from time to time by resolution of the City Council, kept on file by the City Clerk, and contained in Appendix A of the City Code. The deposit shall be applied toward the payment of costs incurred by the City with reference to the closing. Upon receipt of the application the City Administrator shall investigate the same and submit his or her recommendations to the City Council.
   (b)   Upon approval by resolution of the City Council of a temporary street vacation, the applicant shall furnish a certificate of insurance, with limits and terms of liability as specified by the City Council, in a form to be approved by the Chief Legal Officer, showing proof of public liability insurance. In conjunction therewith the applicant shall furnish an agreement protecting and holding the City harmless from any and all claims, actions or causes of action which may arise as a result of the temporary street closing. Further, the applicant shall agree to remit, forthwith upon presentation of a statement, all costs and expenses, extraordinary as well as ordinary, incurred by the City relative to the temporary street closing. The City Council shall, in its discretion, have the authority to waive any and all of the requirements above specified.
   (c)   The costs for which the applicant shall be responsible shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:
      (1)   The placement and removal of barricades, detour or other types of signs or traffic-control devices. The applicant shall be responsible for any damage to the devices as the result of theft and the like;
      (2)   Any replacement, damage or excessive maintenance caused to the City, to the City sidewalks, pavement, curbing or sewers as the result of the temporary street closing;
      (3)   Any costs which may arise from the location or relocation of a special school traffic officer or officers as the result of this closing; and
      (4)   Any other operational or maintenance costs which might be incurred by the City as a result of the temporary street closing.
(Ord. 2055, passed 6-3-1968; Ord. 3415, passed 2-8-1999)