Any person desiring to engage in the business of building, rebuilding or repairing sidewalks and approaches as a bonded and licensed sidewalk builder without City inspection shall make written application for a license therefor to the City Clerk, which application shall contain the full name, age and place of residence of the person if an individual; the names, ages and places of residence of each person if a partnership; and the name, address, State of incorporation and title and signature of the official authorized to sign the application if a corporation, together with such additional information as the City Clerk may require. The application shall also express the applicant’s willingness to be governed in all respects by all rules, regulations and specifications which are now or may be adopted by the Director of Public Works and Utilities for the building, rebuilding or repair of sidewalks and approaches and shall be signed by two or more reputable citizens vouching for the applicant’s qualifications for each license. If the applications be approved by the Director of Public Works and Utilities, upon payment of a license fee as specified in Chapter 26 of this Code to the City Clerk, the applicant shall be entitled to receive a sidewalk builder’s license. No such license shall be granted for more than one year. Every license granted under the provisions of this article shall automatically terminate on April 30 of each year. Upon obtaining the license and filing a sidewalk builder’s bond with the City Clerk, as specified herein, the applicant shall upon approval of the bond by the Chief Legal Officer, be entitled to receive a bonded sidewalk builder’s certificate authorizing the applicant to construct, reconstruct or repair sidewalks and approaches without City inspection, upon obtaining a permit for the work as provided in § 42-60.
(Ord. 505, passed 10-5-1942; Ord. 1376, passed 4-8-1957)