No person, firm or corporation shall move, attempt to move, or assist in the moving of any building, buildings, structure, or structures into, along, upon or across any street, lane, alley or other public place in the City of Flint without having first made application to and obtained the permission of the City Council. All applications for permission to move buildings or other structures upon and over the streets, lanes and alleys of the City of Flint shall state the route by way of which it is proposed to move the building or structure, the dimensions of same, and the length of time required to do such work. Said applications shall have attached thereto one photograph each, not less than 5" x 7" in size, showing a front view, a rear view, and each side of said building or structure to be moved.
   Each application shall be accompanied by a certificate or such other evidence as may be required, showing that the bond hereinafter provided has been duly executed, filed and approved.
   Before any permit is issued the application therefor shall be referred to the Street Committee for one week previous to the time of taking action thereon, who shall investigate the route and determine whether the size of the building, the applicant’s equipment and all other conditions are such that the building can be moved within the time specified in the application and in such manner as not to injure streets, pavements, sidewalks, trees or other property along the route; and said Street Committee in its report to the City Council shall recommend a route other than the one contained in the application, as herein provided, if deemed more advantageous to the City.
(Ord. 43, passed 8-6-1904; Ord. 1798, passed 8-24-1964)