Any culvert pipe installed in any public street shall be approved by the Division of Public Works and shall be of cast iron, steel or iron or steel alloy not less than eight inches in internal diameter, or larger if required by the Division of Public Works, shall have a continuous length of not less than 14 feet nor more than 42 feet, shall be installed in a manner approved by the Division of Public Works in a location, at a grade and at such elevation that it will not obstruct or interfere with the free and continuous flow or passage of water in the direction designated by the established grade of the gutter, water course or drain and shall be covered with material of the same character as the traveled portion of the roadway adjacent or other approved material suitable for the use intended provided, that the Director of Public Works and Utilities may grant special permission to install a metal culvert pipe less than 14 feet or more than 42 feet in length, if, in his or her judgment, conditions justify installation of the lesser or greater length.
(Ord. 296, passed 5-9-1939)