Upon receiving the report mentioned in § 45-3, the City Council shall, and it is hereby authorized to, direct the Board of Special Assessors to make and prepare special assessment rolls which shall contain the description of each lot or parcel of land upon which removal of obstructions were made, the names of the owners of the lots or parcels of land, together with the total cost of removing or abating obstructions to vision as in this article provided to be assessed and the Board shall levy as a special assessment on each description of land appearing on its rolls its portion of the costs. Upon receiving such direction, the Board of Special Assessors shall make an assessment roll as provided in Section 7-402 of the Charter and § 18-11.6 of this Code of ordinances, thereupon the same proceedings shall be had and with like effect as is provided in the Charter for special assessments in other cases.
(Ord. 1119, passed 6-2-1953)