(a)   Unsafe sidewalk or approach. Whenever any sidewalk or approach or portion of the same by reason of the surface defects, want of repair or any other reason, becomes dangerous or unsafe to persons passing along or upon the same or in such condition as to constitute a hazard to the safety of the public, the Director of Transportation shall be authorized to tear up and remove the dangerous and unsafe portions or cause the same to be done and to replace the portion with earth, gravel or cinders, or to make permanent repairs to the same as to render it safe for persons to pass along and upon the sidewalk or approach. The cost and expense of the work shall be charged against the owner, or agent or occupant of the subject property. The amount thereof may be recovered by the City in a suit brought for that purpose in a court of competent jurisdiction, or may be assessed against the subject property or premises in the manner provided in § 42-52.
   (b)   Prohibition. It shall be unlawful for any owner or occupant to permit snow, ice or slush to remain on any sidewalk in front of or adjacent to any building or lot longer than 24 hours after the same has fallen or formed.
   (c)   Penalty.  Violation of subsection (b) hereof shall be a municipal civil infraction pursuant to §§ 1-10 through 1-21.
(Ord. 296, passed 5-9-1939; Ord. 2702, passed 3-26-1979; Ord. 3323, passed 2-12-1996; Ord. 3571, passed 6-9-2004)