13-1 - 13-5: Reserved
13-6: Blocking Passageways In Public Places Prohibited; Exceptions
13-7: Blocking Passageways In Public Places; Duty Of Operators
13-8: Blocking Passageways In Public Places; Penalty; License Revocation
13-9: Curfew For Minors; Definitions
13-10: Curfew For Minors; Offenses
13-11: Curfew For Minors; Defenses; Exceptions
13-12: Curfew For Minors; Enforcement
13-13: Curfew For Minors; Severability
13-14: Graffiti Prevention, Prohibition And Removal
13-14.1: Definitions
13-14.2: Graffiti Prohibited
13-14.3: Accessibility To Graffiti Implements
13-14.4: Graffiti As Nuisance; Graffiti Removal
13-14.5: Abatement Procedures; Notice; Application For Hardship; Administrative Review
13-14.6: Rewards And Reimbursements For Information
13-14.7: Antigraffiti Trust Fund
13-14.8: Enforcement Of This Section 13-14
13-15: Noise
13-15.1: Declaration Of Policy
13-15.2: Definitions
13-15.3: Violation; Enforcement
13-15.4: Exemptions
13-15.5: Measurement Criteria
13-15.6: Allowable Noise Levels
13-15.7: Special Noise Sources
13-15.8: Construction Of Buildings And Projects
13-15.9: Vehicles
13-15.10: Unnecessary Noise
13-16: Noise Violations
13-16.1: Each Day Separate Violation
13-16.2: Habitual Offender
13-16.3: Nuisance Abatement; Additional Remedy
13-17: Junk Cars; Location Where Permitted
13-18: Junk Cars; Violation; Nuisance; Penalty
13-19: Vehicle Use On Private Land; Intent
13-20: Vehicle Use On Private Land; Permit Required
13-21: Vehicle Use On Private Land; Display Of Permit
13-22: Alarm Systems
13-22.1: Purpose And Intent
13-22.2: Definitions
13-22.3: Administration And Funding
13-22.4: Alarm Sites Must Be Registered
13-22.5: Registration Terms And Fees
13-22.6: Responsibilities Of Alarm Users
13-22.7: Differentiation And Reporting Of Alarm Activations
13-22.8: Alarm Dispatch Requests
13-22.9: Duties Of Alarm Installation Company And/Or Monitoring Company
13-22.10: Alarm Dispatch Request Cancellations
13-22.11: Prohibited Devices
13-22.12: Violations
13-22.13: Duties And Authority Of The Alarm Administrator
13-22.14: Appropriating Public Police Services For Private Purposes Subject To Cost Recovery Fees
13-22.15: Fee Processing
13-22.16: Suspension Of Registration
13-22.17: False Alarm Awareness Classes
13-22.18: Appeals
13-22.19: Special Rules Applicable To Public Schools
13-22.20: Confidentiality Of Alarm Information
13-22.21: Scope Of Police Duty - Immunities Preserved
13-23: Unruly Gatherings
13-24: Permitting Or Encouraging Underage Drinking
13-25: Fireworks
13-25.1: Definitions
13-25.2: Fireworks Prohibited; Exceptions
13-25.3: Sale Of Fireworks
13-25.4: Posting Of Signs By Persons Engaged In The Sale Of Fireworks; Civil Penalty
13-25.5: Authority To Enforce Violations Of This Section 13-25; Means Of Enforcement
13-25.6: Liability For Emergency Responses Related To Use Of Fireworks; Definitions
13-25.7: Penalty
13-26: Weapons And Explosives
13-26.1: Use Of Explosives Within City Unlawful
13-26.2: Discharge Of Firearms Within City Unlawful
13-26.3: Exceptions
13-26.4: Reckless Handling Of Weapon Prohibited
13-26.5: Carrying A Weapon At Public Event
13-26.6: Sale Of Weapons To Minors Unlawful When
13-26.7: Forfeiture Of Weapon Used In Commission Of A Misdemeanor
13-26.8: Minors Prohibited From Carrying Or Possessing Firearms; Exceptions; Seizure And Forfeiture; Penalties
13-27: Obstructing Public Officers And City Employees
13-28: Marijuana
13-28.1: Definitions
13-28.2: Consumption Of Marijuana