17-1: Adoption Of State Law; Additional Regulations
17-1.1: Stopping Persons To Investigate Traffic Violations
17-2: Records Of Traffic Violations
17-3: Investigation Of Accidents
17-4: Accident Studies
17-5: Accident Reports
17-6: Annual Traffic Safety Report
17-7: Enforcement Officers; Police Generally
17-8: Enforcement Officers; Directing Traffic; Fire Department Authority
17-9: Use Of Coasters, Roller Skates And Similar Devices
17-10: Obedience To Traffic Regulations And Officers
17-11: Traffic Control Devices
17-12: Cutting Corners To Avoid Regulations
17-13: Crosswalks; Safety Zones; Traffic Lanes
17-14: Placement And Obedience To Turning Markers
17-15: Placement And Obedience To Restricted Turn Signs
17-16: Limitations On Turning Around
17-16.1: Double Yellow Lines
17-17: One-Way Streets And Alleys
17-18: Stop And Yield Intersections
17-19: Parking At Curb
17-20: Angle Parking
17-21: Parking Prohibited In Designated Places
17-22: Authority To Erect Signs Restricting Parking
17-23: Backing To Curb To Load Or Unload
17-24: Speed Limits
17-25: Processions
17-26: Main Street Traffic Regulated
17-27: Penalties
17-28: Violation For Failure To Use Truck Routes
17-29: Definitions
17-30: Maximum Permitted Load And Vehicle Types Not Allowed
17-31: Truck Routes Designated
17-32: Special Permits; Trucks
17-33: Exceptions; Certain Vehicles
17-34: Weighing Of Vehicles
17-35: Owner Responsibility
17-36: Parking Or Storing Commercial And Recreational Vehicles, Trailers
17-37: Hazardous Materials, Substances And Waste Restricted
17-38: Parking Vehicles For Sale Prohibited



1. See also chapter 2B, article IV, and section 13A-35 of this code.