A.   Alarm dispatch requests shall be made in the manner prescribed by the Alarm Administrator and approved by 911 and police dispatch.
   B.   Alarm dispatch requests may include, but are not limited to, the following information:
      1.   Location of the alarm activation.
      2.   Type of alarm activation (i.e., burglary/property/intrusion, robbery/panic/hold-up/duress).
      3.   Any responding alarm users and phone number.
   C.   Alarm dispatch requests made to the department shall be for police incidents only, and shall accurately indicate the type of alarm activation (burglary/property/intrusion, robbery/hold- up/panic/duress).
   D.   No dispatch request and subsequent police response to a robbery alarm may be cancelled by the alarm user. In every case at least two (2) officers shall respond to affirm that the alarm user is not under duress of any kind. (Ord. 17-871, 8-14-2017)