A person who commits a violation of section 13-15 of this chapter after having previously been found responsible by the court on three (3) separate occasions for committing a civil violation of section 13-15 of this chapter within a twenty four (24) month period, whether by admission, by payment of the fine, by default, or by judgment after hearing, shall be charged with a criminal misdemeanor pursuant to the general penalties provision of section 1-8 of this code. The Eloy city prosecutor is authorized to file a criminal misdemeanor complaint in the Eloy magistrate municipal court against habitual offenders who violate section 13-15 of this chapter. In applying the twenty four (24) month provision, the dates of the commission of the offense shall be the determining factor, irrespective of the sequence in which the offenses were committed. (Ord. 00-502 § 3, 12-11-2000; Ord. 07-704 § 1, 7-23-2007)