A.   Prohibition: Notwithstanding any other provision of this section 13-15, and in addition thereto, it shall be unlawful for any person without justification to make or continue, or cause or permit to be made or continued, any unnecessary, excessive or offensive noise which disturbs the peace or quiet of any neighborhood or which causes discomfort or annoyance to any reasonable person of normal sensitiveness residing in the area.
   B.   Factors For Consideration: The factors which will be considered in determining whether a violation of the provisions of this section exists will include, but not be limited to, the following:
      1.   The volume of noise;
      2.   The intensity of the noise;
      3.   Whether the nature of the noise is usual or unusual;
      4.   Whether the origin of the noise is natural or unnatural;
      5.   The volume and intensity of the background noise, if any;
      6.   The proximity of the noise to residential sleeping facilities;
      7.   The nature and zoning of the area within which the noise emanates;
      8.   The density of the inhabitation of the area within which the noise emanates;
      9.   The time of the day or night the noise occurs;
      10.   The duration of the noise;
      11.   Whether the noise is recurrent, intermittent or constant;
      12.   Whether the noise is produced by a commercial or noncommercial activity;
      13.   Whether it is a pure tone noise; or
      14.   Whether it is an impulse noise. (Ord. 00-502 § 2, 12-11-2000; Ord. 07-704 § 1, 7-23-2007)