13-22.18: APPEALS:
False alarm fines and registration fees may be appealed to the Alarm Administrator, as follows:
   A.   If the Chief of Police suspends response to, assesses a false alarm fee, or denies the issuance or renewal of an alarm registration, the Alarm Administrator shall send written notice of the action not less than ten (10) days prior to the effective date of such suspension, assessment and denial and a statement of the right to an appeal to either the affected applicant or alarm user.
   B.   The alarm user may appeal above-referenced suspension, assessment or denial to the Alarm Administrator or his or her designee by setting forth in writing the reasons for the appeal, and including the appeal fee as set forth by the City, within fifteen (15) business days after notice. The decision of the Alarm Administrator is final. Should the alarm user prevail in the appeal process the appeal fee will be reimbursed. (See Eloy Police Department fee schedule on website.)
   C.   Filing of a request for appeal shall not stay the action by the Alarm Administrator suspending an alarm registration or requiring payment of a fine, until the Alarm Administrator has completed his review. (Ord. 17-871, 8-14-2017)