A.   The Alarm Administrator shall ensure that the on-line false alarm awareness class is available for those alarm users having six (6) or more false alarm activations in any calendar year.
      1.   Each alarm user eligible for the class shall be contacted by mail or by phone and asked to take the class.
      2.   The letter sent in these cases will specify the web page address and the user password to be used that will show that the user has read and passed the class.
   B.   Completion of the false alarm awareness class conducted by the Alarm Administrator by an alarm user (i.e., the person responsible for operation of a registered alarm system) and passing the on-line test may serve to alleviate registration suspension one time per registered alarm site. This shall apply only in cases of the number of false alarm activations, not for non-payment of any assessed registration fees or cost recovery fees for police response to a false alarm. (Ord. 17-871, 8-14-2017)