A.   Each alarm user is responsible, annually, to:
      1.   Obtain an alarm registration for the alarm system as required in section 13-22.4 of this chapter;
      2.   Pay the registration/renewal fee;
      3.   Maintain the alarm site and the alarm system in a manner that will minimize or eliminate false alarms;
      4.   Make every reasonable effort to have a responder to the alarm system's location within thirty (30) minutes when requested by the law enforcement agency in order to:
         a.   Deactivate an alarm system;
         b.   Provide access to the alarm site; and/or
         c.   Provide alternative security for the alarm site.
      5.   Not activate an alarm system for any reason other than an occurrence of an event that the alarm system was intended to report.
   B.   Each alarm user is responsible for assuring that his/her alarm system is used properly and in accordance with the manufacturer's directions and the law.
      1.   Inherent in this responsibility is assuring that all persons with access to the alarm system are properly trained on correct use of the system and are authorized to cancel accidental activations, and assuring that procedures and practices are followed that minimize the risk of false alarms.
   C.   Each alarm user is responsible for keeping his/her alarm system properly maintained and in good working order.
   D.   Each alarm user is financially responsible for paying service fees when police respond to false alarms from his/her alarm site.
   E.   An alarm user shall adjust the mechanism or cause the mechanism to be adjusted so that an alarm signal audible on the exterior of an alarm site will sound for no longer than five (5) minutes after being activated.
   F.   An alarm user shall have a licensed alarm installation company inspect the alarm system after four (4) false alarms in a one year period. The Alarm Administrator (or designee) may waive a required inspection if he/she determines that a false alarm(s) could not have been related to a defect or malfunction in the alarm system. After six (6) false alarms within a one year period, the alarm user must have a licensed alarm installation company modify the alarm system to be more false alarm resistant and to provide additional user training as appropriate.
   G.   An alarm user shall not use automatic voice dialers.
   H.   An alarm user shall maintain at each alarm site, a set of written operating instructions for each alarm system.
   I.   All alarm users shall agree with their alarm installation company and/or monitoring company to go through an "acclimation period" for the first seven (7) days after installation of an alarm system during which time the alarm installation company and/or monitoring company will have no obligation to and will not respond to any alarm signal from the alarm site, excluding panic, duress, and holdup signals, and will not make an alarm dispatch request to law enforcement, even if the alarm signal is the result of an actual alarm event.
   J.   This section applies to all individuals and firms, who have installed and/or monitor their own alarm system.
   K.   Failure to meet the responsibilities listed in this section may lead to suspension and loss of the privileges associated with that registration. (Ord. 17-871, 8-14-2017)