5A-1: Title
5A-2: Intent And Purposes
5A-3: Definitions
5A-4: Grant Of Authority; License Required
5A-5: License Characteristics
5A-6: Licensee Subject To Other Laws, Police Power
5A-7: Interpretation Of License Terms
5A-8: Application For Grant, Renewal, Modification Or Transfer Of License
5A-9: Grant Of License
5A-10: Insurance; Bond; Indemnification
5A-11: Minimum Facilities And Services
5A-12: License Fee
5A-13: Reports And Records
5A-14: Customer Service Requirements
5A-15: Service Discrimination And Exclusive Programming Agreements Prohibited
5A-16: Subscriber Privacy And Unauthorized Reception
5A-17: Construction And Use Of Rights Of Way
5A-18: Technical Standards
5A-19: Enforcement Remedies
5A-20: Performance Evaluations
5A-21: Renewal Of License
5A-22: Transfers
5A-23: Revocation Or Termination Of License
5A-24: Continuity Of Service Mandatory
5A-25: Unlawful Solicitation Or Acceptance Of Gifts
5A-26: Administration