(a)   Return from extended sick leave within six months shall mean return to the classification consistent with the seniority of the classified employee as defined in § 35-88.A.1 and not necessarily to his or her previous position and/or department.
   (b)   Not less than five days prior to the date the employee expects to return to work, the employee shall notify the Personnel Department of his or her return to work so arrangements for a physical examination may be made, if required.
   (c)   An employee unable to return to work because of the continuing disability at the expiration of 13 payroll periods, will be placed on the layoff list for his or her respective classification consistent with their seniority for 39 payroll periods. At any time during the period that the employee has recovered, and a position in his or her classification or related classification becomes available and is not accepted by the employee, the employee shall be considered as having voluntarily quit. If no position has become available during the period, the employee’s name shall be removed from the layoff list.
   (d)   While on layoff list, the employee may apply for openings as they become available. In the event the employee has elected to withdraw his or her retirement contributions, he or she shall be permitted to reacquire the benefits earned by complying with the applicable provisions of Ord. 1860.
   (e)   An employee who is receiving sick leave insurance benefits, or who is on extended sick leave, may be examined by the employer’s medical representative, without cost to the employee, to determine whether he or she is able to return to work.
(Ord. 3229, passed 2-22-1993; Ord. 3279, passed 6-13-1994)