Whenever an employee who is a member of the National Guard, Naval Reserve, Army Reserve, Marine Reserve, Air Corps Reserve or Coast Guard Reserve is called to active duty or is compelled to participate in classes or instruction as part of an activated reserve unit, he or she shall be paid, during the time of the service, the difference between his or her regular wage or salary and the allowance of the State of Michigan, or other governmental authority, for the service, provided that in the case of active service that total period of payment shall not exceed three calendar weeks in any single calendar year and in the case of compulsory reserve training, the period of payment shall be determined by the appropriate department head. Before the payment shall be made, the employee shall furnish the Director of Finance with a letter from the commanding officer showing the period of active duty and the allowance made the employee by the State of Michigan or other governmental authority for the service.
(Ord. 474, passed 3-20-1942; Ord. 1625, passed 2-27-1961; Ord. 1919, passed 7-7-1966; Ord. 2315, passed 3-13-1972; Ord. 2509, passed 8-25-1975)