General Provisions
   50.001   Definitions
   50.002   Combined sewerage and waterworks system
   50.003   Sewerage and waterworks department; superintendent
   50.004   Meter readers; badges
   50.005   Inspectors; powers and duties
   50.006   Billing procedure
   50.007   Delinquent bills; hearing procedure
   50.008   Authority to file lien for unpaid bills; foreclosure
   50.009   Disposition of revenues
   50.010   Notice of rates
   50.011   Unauthorized use of plumber's name
   50.012   Streets and sidewalks
   50.013   Water restrictions; emergency water use plan
   50.014   Bad checks
   50.015   Obstruction of watercourses
   50.016   Abandoned wells
Combined System Service Charges
   50.020   Types of service charges
   50.021   Computation of debt service charge
   50.022   Computation of basic user charge
   50.023   Computation of surcharge and service charge for wastewater
   50.024   Annual review of service charge rates
   50.025   Measurement of water consumption as basis for rates
   50.026   Debt service charge rates
   50.027   Water service rates
   50.028   Sewer service rates
   50.029   Surcharge rates
   50.030   Appeals
   50.031   Senior citizens' water service discount
Public Sewer and Water Supply Use
   50.040   Unsanitary deposits prohibited
   50.041   Treatment of discharge required
   50.042   Construction of private sewage disposal facility unlawful
   50.043   Purchase of service from other than village prohibited
   50.044   Connection to village system required
   50.045   Unlawful to bypass, disconnect or disable meter
Private Sewage Disposal
   50.050   Unavailability of public system
   50.051   Permit required
   50.052   Inspection
   50.053   Compliance with state recommendations
   50.054   Public sewers becoming available
   50.055   Sanitary operation; maintenance
   50.056   Additional requirements
Building Sewers and Water Service
   50.065   Permit required
   50.066   Application
   50.067   Availability for tap-on purposes
   50.068   Cash deposit and bond; insurance
   50.069   Fraudulent representations in permit application
   50.070   Sufficient downstream sewerage facilities required
   50.071   Classes of building sewer permits
   50.072   Service connection requirements
Permit and Connection Fees
   50.080   Public sanitary sewer connection charges
   50.081   Public water connection charges
   50.082   Stub-in fees
   50.083   Additional charges; payment
   50.084   Corner lot owners
   50.085   Costs and expenses to be borne by property owners
   50.086   Cost recapture
   50.087   Water main testing
Connection and Construction Requirements
   50.095   Connection requirements
   50.096   Tapping mains
   50.097   Multiple buildings on one lot
   50.098   Old building sewers
   50.099   Defective sewers
   50.100   Disposal into sewers regulated
   50.101   Inspections
   50.102   Manholes
   50.103   Excavations
   50.104   Elevation of connection
   50.105   Building sewer construction requirements
   50.106   Water service construction requirements
   50.107   Water cross-connections not permitted
   50.108   Turning on water seals
Use of Public Sewers
   50.115   Discharges into sanitary sewer
   50.116   Stormwater and unpolluted drainage
   50.117   Prohibited discharges
   50.118   Industrial cost recovery system
   50.119   Harmful substances prohibited
   50.120   North Shore Sanitary District; powers and duties
   50.121   Interceptors required when necessary
   50.122   Maintenance of preliminary treatment facilities
   50.123   Control manholes
   50.124   Analyses of waters and wastes
   50.125   Standards for measurements and tests
   50.126   Special agreements
Drainage of Surface Storm Water
   50.130   Definitions
   50.131   Discharges into sanitary sewer
   50.132   Neighboring and public properties
   50.133   Connection of drains
   50.140   Evidence of cost and operation
   50.141   Waiver of liability
   50.142   Additional sums contributed by intervening owners
   50.143   Extension to contiguous property
Cross-Connection Control
   50.150   Purpose
   50.151   Application
   50.152   Policy
   50.153   Definitions
   50.154   Water system
   50.155   Cross-connection prohibited
   50.156   Survey and investigations
   50.157   Where protection is required
   50.158   Type of protection required
   50.159   Backflow prevention devices
   50.160   Inspection and maintenance
   50.161   Booster pumps
   50.162   Violations
   50.999   Penalty
   Appendix:  Application form for building sewer and/or water service
   Illicit discharges and connections, see Chapter 56