General Provisions
   93.001   Title and purpose
   93.002   Definitions
   93.003   Applicability
   93.004   Minimum standards
Codes and Standards
   93.010   Fire Prevention Code
   93.011   Life Safety Code
   93.012   Enforcement of Codes
   93.013   Modifications
Administration and Enforcement
   93.020   Fire Prevention and Investigation Divisions, established and jurisdiction
   93.021   Organization of the Frankfort Fire Prevention and Investigation Divisions
Fire Zone Boundaries and Maps
   93.030   Fire Zone One
   93.031   Fire Zone Two
   93.032   Fire Zone Three
   93.033   Fire Zone Four
   93.034   Fire Zone Five
   93.035   Fire Zone Six
Open and Unlawful Burning
   93.045   Unlawful burning
   93.046   Burning on asphalt streets
   93.047   Burning during certain hours prohibited
   93.048   Unattended fires
   93.049   Burning of garbage prohibited
   93.050   Open burning and recreational fires
   93.051   Burn bans
Inspections and Investigations
   93.060   Right to enter buildings and premises
   93.061   Fire inspections
   93.062   Reinspection
   93.063   Records and reports
   93.064   Enforcement
   93.065   Legal assistance
   93.066   Law enforcement assistance
Rapid Access System
   93.075   Purpose
   93.076   Application
   93.077   Identifying numbers for structures
   93.078   Coordinated enforcement
Enforcement Procedures
   93.085   Notice of violation
   93.086   Determination of violation
   93.087   Conveyance of inspection report
   93.088   Imminent danger
   93.089   Duty to correct violations
   93.090   Variances
   93.091   Orders to correct violations
   93.092   Order forbidding occupancy
   93.093   Appeal from orders
   93.094   Remedies
Emergency Operations
   93.100   Authority at fires and emergencies
   93.101   Emergency lines and limits
   93.102   Unlawful interference with fire protection equipment, barriers, devices, signs and seals
General Requirements for Fire Safety of Buildings
   93.110   Fire suppression and detection systems
   93.111   Suppression and detection systems plan review
   93.112   Notification of alarm
   93.113   Portable fire extinguishers and where required
   93.114   Servicing of portable fire extinguishers
   93.115   Requirements for commercial kitchen exhaust equipment and fire protection equipment
   93.116   Required water supply for fire protection
   93.117   Fire hydrants
   93.118   Marking of fire protection equipment, fire hydrants and access roads
   93.119   Fire protection in recreational vehicles, mobile homes and manufactured housing parks, sale and storage lots
   93.120   Smoke detector requirements for dwellings
   93.121   Means of egress illumination and signs
   93.122   Exit doors, stairways and elevator signs
   93.123   Obstruction of the means of egress
   93.124   Inspection of fire escapes
   93.125   Smoking
   93.126   Underground storage tanks and notification
Emergency Vehicle Lanes
   93.135   Intent
   93.136   Emergency lane standards
   93.137   Compliance
   93.138   Enforcement
   93.139   Exceptions
Fairs and Festivals/Amusement Operations
   93.150   Tents, canopies and membrane structures
   93.151   Halloween amusements defined
   93.152   Permit application; permit and fees required
   93.153   Amusement inspections
   93.154   Permit issuance and transferability
   93.155   Appeal from denial of permit
   93.156   Permit period
   93.157   Display of permit required
Fire Reporting Systems
   93.170   Scope of division
   93.171   Monitoring of fire alarm systems
   93.172   Notification upon fire alarm activation
   93.173   Faulty alarms
   93.180   Definitions
   93.181   Certificate of insurance and additional requirements
   93.182   Sales of consumer fireworks
   93.183   Restrictions as to dates and times
   93.184   Restrictions as to location
   93.185   Enforcement
   93.186   Seizure and forfeiture of consumer fireworks
Prohibited Acts
   93.195   False alarms
   93.196   Driving over fire hose
   93.197   Following emergency vehicles too closely
   93.198   Failure to yield
   93.999   Penalty