General Provisions
   50.001   Definitions
   50.002   Tampering with or obstructing water and sewer lines or water meters prohibited
   50.003   Work on water and sewer system by authorized personnel only
   50.004   Violations; recovery of damages
Water Use Regulations
   50.016   Administrative authority
   50.017   Permit for connection required
   50.018   Tap and meter sizes required
   50.019   Private water supply
   50.020   Cutoff of public water supply in times of emergency
Sewer Use Regulations
   50.030   Intent of regulation of sewer use
   50.031   Applicability of sewer use provisions
   50.032   Use of public sewers required
   50.033   Discharge to natural outlets
   50.034   Prohibition of septic tanks, privies, and the like
   50.035   Requirement of sewer use
   50.036   Building sewers, connections, and fees
   50.037   Separate connections required
   50.038   Method of sewer connection
   50.039   Elevation of sewer connection
   50.040   Prohibited connections
   50.041   Public hazard
   50.042   Grease removal
   50.043   Sand and grit removal
   50.044   Preliminary treatment devices
   50.045   Industrial discharge permits
   50.046   Time limit for obtaining industrial discharge permit
   50.047   Industrial discharge permit application
   50.048   Pretreatment requirements
   50.049   Industrial discharge permit cancellation
   50.050   Industrial discharge permit fees
   50.051   Industrial user ownership changes
   50.052   Effect of approvals of pretreatment facilities; wastewater characteristics
   50.053   Permit issuance does not convey property rights, exclusive privileges
   50.054   Discharge of industrial or pretreated wastes to be approved
   50.055   Prohibited discharges
   50.056   Prohibited wastes and limitations
   50.057   B.O.D. limit
   50.058   Chemical oxygen demand
   50.059   Suspended solids
   50.060   Flow equalization
   50.061   Deleterious discharges
   50.062   Water quality changes
   50.063   Standards of waste discharge and delivery
   50.064   Septic tank and portable toilet wastes
   50.065   Quality determination; effluent sampling
   50.066   Quantity determination
   50.067   Powers and authority of Inspectors
   50.068   Sewer service connection fees; user charges
   50.069   Extra strength wastewater surcharges
   50.070   Discontinuance of wastewater treatment and disposal service; when permissible
Water and Sewer Rates
   50.080   Schedule of connection charges; usage rates
   50.081   Reestablishment of water service which has been terminated for nonpayment
   50.082   Disconnection, reconnection and meter reading fees
   50.083   Special rates
   50.084   Billing; payment of accounts
Discontinuation, Suspension of Service
   50.090   Procedure for discontinuation of service
   50.091   Suspension of service
   50.092   Discontinuation in protection of health and welfare
Extension of Service
   50.100   Application for approval of extension
   50.101   General extension requirements
   50.102   General approval requirements
   50.103   Specifications for extension; ownership
   50.104   Additional subdivision improvement may be required
   50.105   Approved subdivision or developed property
   50.106   Approved extension project; assessment of costs
   50.107   Proposed development or unapproved subdivision
   50.108   Financing of extension within town limits
   50.109   Surety bond; refund or reimbursement of funds
   50.110   Exceptions from following extension procedure authorized
   50.111   Extension outside town; application
   50.112   Financing of extension outside town limits
   50.113   Deposit of funds; contract for extension outside town limits
   50.114   Surety bond or private construction for extension outside town limits
   50.115   Annexation
   50.116   Cutoff of public water supply at piers
Water Supply Shortage
   50.120   Issuance of water shortage proclamation
   50.121   Conditions deemed emergency
   50.122   Restrictions, limitations imposed
   50.123   Proclamation, restrictions, and the like shall be written
   50.124   End of emergency; lifting or modification of restrictions
   50.125   Water shortage response triggers
   50.126   Non-essential water usage and irrigation control
   50.127   Water shortage response
   50.128   Water shortage response enforcement
Stormwater Management
   50.130   Title
   50.131   Authority
   50.132   Findings
   50.133   Purpose
   50.134   Applicability and jurisdiction
   50.135   Interpretation
   50.136   Definitions
   50.137   Design manual
   50.138   Relationship to other laws, regulations, and private agreements
   50.139   Severability
   50.140   Effective date and transitional provisions
   50.141   Review and decision-making entities
   50.142   Review procedures
   50.143   Application for approval
   50.144   Approvals
   50.145   Appeals
   50.146   General standards
   50.147   Impervious surface requirements
   50.148   Structural stormwater control requirements
   50.149   Standards for stormwater control measures
   50.150   Variances
   50.151   Additional standards for SA waters
   50.152   General standards for maintenance
   50.153   Operation and maintenance agreement
   50.154   Inspection program
   50.155   Notice to owners
   50.156   Records of installation and maintenance
   50.157   Nuisance
   50.158   Enforcement
   50.159   Remedies
   50.160   Procedures
   50.161   Illicit discharges and connections
   50.162   Stormwater fees
   50.999   Penalty
   Building code, see Ch. 151