(A)   The town shall serve a written notice to any person allegedly violating any provision of this chapter.  The notice shall state the specific nature of the violation and provide the person not less than ten days to:
      (1)   Correct the violation; or
      (2)   Inquire regarding the notice, and, if the person feels he or she is not in violation, or that compliance requires greater than ten days, request a hearing before the Director of Public Works.  If the person does not respond within the time prescribed in the notice, the town may immediately discontinue service to this person upon the expiration of the prescribed time.  If the user receives notice due to non-payment of a bill, the town may suspend service, after notice, at the direction of the Town Clerk.
   (B)   If the person allegedly in violation of a provision of this chapter requests a hearing before the Director, the Director shall, within five days of the person’s claims, establish the time and place for the hearing.  If, as a result of the hearing, the Director determines that the person is in violation of the provision as alleged in the notice, he or she shall order the person to correct the condition giving rise to the violation, and establish a reasonable time for compliance.  If the Director cannot, at the hearing, determine the existence or extent of the alleged violation, he or she may order the suspension of services.  In the case of suspension of services, the person is entitled to request a second hearing following the period of suspension, and in the event he or she does so, no further action may be taken by the town until the conclusion of the second hearing.
(Ord., passed 7-28-83)