(A)   Permit required; must apply for permit.  A stormwater permit is required for all development and redevelopment unless exempt pursuant to this subchapter. A permit may only be issued subsequent to a properly submitted and reviewed permit application, pursuant to this section.
   (B)   Effect of permit.  A stormwater permit shall govern the design, installation, and construction of stormwater management and control practices on the site, including structural BMPs and elements of site design for stormwater management other than structural BMPs. The permit is intended to provide a mechanism for the review, approval, and inspection of the approach to be used for the management and control of stormwater for the development or redevelopment site consistent with the requirements of this subchapter, whether the approach consists of structural BMPs or other techniques such as low-impact or low-density design. The permit does not continue in existence indefinitely after the completion of the project; rather, compliance after project construction is assured by the maintenance provisions of this subchapter.
   (C)   Authority to file applications.  All applications required pursuant to this subchapter shall be submitted to the Stormwater Manager by the land owner or the land owner's duly authorized agent.
   (D)   Establishment of application requirements, schedule, and fees.
      (1)   Application contents and form. The Stormwater Manager shall establish requirements for the content and form of all applications and shall amend and update those requirements from time to time. At a minimum, the stormwater permit application shall describe in detail how post-development stormwater runoff will be controlled and managed, the design of all stormwater facilities and practices, and how the proposed project will meet the requirements of this subchapter.
      (2)   Submission schedule.  The Stormwater Manager shall establish a submission schedule for applications. The schedule shall establish deadlines by which complete applications must be submitted for the purpose of ensuring that there is adequate time to review applications, and that the various stages in the review process are accommodated.
      (3)   Permit review fees.  The Board of Aldermen shall establish permit review fees as well as policies regarding refund of any fees upon withdrawal of an application, and may amend and update the fees and policies from time to time.
      (4)   Administrative manual.  For applications required under this subchapter, the Stormwater Manager shall compile the application requirements, submission schedule, fee schedule, a copy of this subchapter, and information on how and where to obtain the design manual in an administrative manual, which shall be made available to the public.
   (E)   Submittal of Complete Application. 
      (1)   Applications shall be submitted to the Stormwater Manager pursuant to the application submittal schedule in the form established by the Stormwater Manager, along with the appropriate fee established pursuant to this section.
      (2)   An application shall be considered as timely submitted only when it contains all elements of a complete application pursuant to this subchapter, along with the appropriate fee. If the Stormwater Manager finds that an application is incomplete, the applicant shall be notified of the deficient elements and shall be provided with an opportunity to submit a complete application. However, the submittal of an incomplete application shall not suffice to meet a deadline contained in the submission schedule established above.
   (F) Review.  Within 45 calendar days after a complete application is submitted, the Stormwater Manager shall review the application and determine whether the application complies with the standards of this subchapter.
      (1)   Approval.  If the Stormwater Manager finds that the application complies with the standards of this subchapter, the Stormwater Manager shall approve the application. The Stormwater Manager may impose conditions of approval as needed to ensure compliance with this subchapter.  The conditions shall be included as part of the approval.
      (2)   Fails to comply.  If the Stormwater Manager finds that the application fails to comply with the standards of this subchapter, the Stormwater Manager shall notify the applicant and shall indicate how the application fails to comply. The applicant shall have an opportunity to submit a revised application.
      (3)   Revision and subsequent review. 
         (a)   A complete revised application shall be reviewed by the Stormwater Manager within 45 calendar days after its re-submittal and shall be approved, approved with conditions or disapproved.
         (b)   If a revised application is not resubmitted within 30 calendar days from the date the applicant was notified, the application shall be considered withdrawn and a new submittal for the same or substantially the same project shall be required along with the appropriate fee for a new submittal.
         (c)   One re-submittal of a revised application may be submitted without payment of an additional permit review fee. Any re-submittal after the first re-submittal shall be accompanied by an additional permit review fee, as established pursuant to this subchapter.
(Ord. 1538, passed 5-24-07)