(A)   All costs associated with any extension of water or sanitary sewer service, regardless of the length of such extension, shall be paid in full by the property owner benefitted by such extension.
   (B)   Before undertaking any extension of water or sewer service, the affected property owner shall provide the town with an estimate of the cost of such work prepared by a licensed engineer.
   (C)   The Town Manager or his designee shall determine whether the improvements shall be installed by the town or by the property owner. If such improvements are installed by the property owner, no work shall be undertaken until all necessary permits are acquired by the property owner and plans and specifications acceptable to the town describing the work to be undertaken have been approved by the town. All work carried out by the property owner shall be performed by a licensed utility contractor.
   (D)   If such improvements are installed by the town, no work shall be undertaken until the property owner has deposited with the town a sum equal to the estimated cost of installation (as approved by the town in its sole discretion) plus the amount necessary to reimburse the town for the cost of its services associated with the extension of services.
   (E)   Upon completion of the project, if the cost of extension of such service, to include the town's cost, exceeds the deposit made by the property owner, the property owner shall, within ten days of receipt of written notice from the town, pay the town the difference between its deposit and the final cost. If the cost of the project, to include the town's fees, are less than the amount deposited by the property owner, the town shall within ten days of a determination of the final cost remit any unused balance to the property owner.
(Ord., passed 7-28-83; Am. Ord. 1536, passed 6-14-07)
Statutory reference:
   Power to assess, see G.S. § 160A-216