(A)   General.  Beginning with and subsequent to its effective date, this subchapter shall be applicable to all development and redevelopment, including, but not limited to, site plan applications, subdivision applications, and grading applications.
   (B)   No development or redevelopment until compliance and permit.  No development or redevelopment shall occur except in compliance with the provisions of this subchapter or unless exempted. Development for which a permit is required pursuant to this subchapter shall not occur except in compliance with the provisions, conditions, and limitations of the permit.
      (1)   The provisions of this subchapter shall apply within the areas designated on the map titled "USMP Stormwater Map of the Town of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina" (the "stormwater map"), which is adopted simultaneously herewith. The stormwater map and all explanatory matter contained thereon accompanies and is hereby made a part of this subchapter.
      (2)   The stormwater map shall be kept on file by the Stormwater Manager and shall be updated to take into account changes in the land area covered by this subchapter and the geographic location of all structural BMPs permitted under this subchapter. In the event of a dispute, the applicability of this subchapter to a particular area of land or BMP shall be determined by reference to the North Carolina Statutes, the North Carolina Administrative Code, and local zoning and jurisdictional boundary ordinances.
(Ord. 1538, passed 5-24-07)