(A)   All connections to the town sanitary sewer system shall be made in accordance with provisions and requirements of the plumbing code.  All such connections shall be made at access points prescribed and provided by the town; the applicant is responsible for constructing the building sewer in a manner necessary to insure connection at the access point.
   (B)   If, at the time of the adoption of this chapter, any connection exists between a building sewer and a public sanitary sewer at a point other than the access point prescribed and provided by the town, the town may serve a notice upon the owner immediately upon discovery.  The owner shall be subject to the provisions of this chapter, and if service is disconnected, the owner may receive access to a public sanitary sewer only by applying for and paying a connection fee.
(Ord., passed 7-28-83)
   For fee schedule, see §§ 50.080 through 50.084