General Regulations
150.001: Additional Permit Fees
City Inspector
150.010: City Inspector; Assistants; Duties
International Building Code
150.015: Building Code Adopted
150.016: Additions, Insertions And Changes
International Existing Building Code
150.020: International Existing Building Code Adopted
150.021: Additions, Insertions And Changes
One- And Two-Family Dwelling Code
150.030: One- And Two-Family Dwelling Code Adopted
150.031: Additions, Insertions And Changes
150.032: Building Official Deemed To Mean City Inspector
Code For Energy Conservation In New Building Construction
150.045: International Energy Conservation Code Adopted
150.046: Additions, Insertions And Changes
National Electrical Code
150.060: Adoption Of National Electrical Code
150.061: Additions, Insertions And Changes
150.062: Permit And Fees For Electrical Wiring And Installations
150.063: City Registration Required
150.064: City Inspector To Inspect And Supervise Wiring And Installations; Duties
150.065: Apprentice Supervision
150.066: Revocation Of License Registration
International Mechanical Code And Fuel Gas Code
150.080: Adoption Of Mechanical Code And Fuel Gas Code
150.081: Additions, Insertions And Changes
150.082: Mechanical And Gas Piping Permit And Fees
150.083: City Registration Required
150.084: Revocation Of License Registration
International Plumbing Code
150.095: Adoption Of Plumbing Code
150.096: Additions, Insertions And Changes
150.097: Plumbing Fee Schedule
150.098: City Registration Required
150.099: Public System Available
150.100: Public Water Meter
150.101: Excavation Permit Required
150.102: Plumbing Permit Required
150.103: Basement Permits
150.104: Not To Be Used Until Approved
150.105: Trenches To Be Protected
150.106: Revocation Of License Registration
Planned Unit Development Code
150.120: Planned Unit Development Board Created
150.121: Certificate Of Compliance
150.122: Substantial Compliance
150.123: Planned Unit Development Objectives
150.124: Minimum Area; Area Regulations
150.125: Street Rights Of Way
150.126: Utility Easements
150.127: Water System
150.128: Firewall
150.129: Time For Submission Of Plans
150.130: Time For Commencement Of Development
International Private Sewage Disposal Code
150.140: Adoption Of Private Sewage Disposal Code
150.141: Additions, Insertions And Changes
International Property Maintenance Code
150.155: Adoption Of Property Maintenance Code
150.156: Additions, Insertions And Changes
150.157: Stay Of Enforcement
Violations And Enforcement
150.170: Suspension, Revocation And Denial Of License
150.171: Doubling Of Fees
150.172: Penalties Cumulative
150.173: Judicial Relief
150.180: Definitions
150.181: Administrative Provisions
150.182: Classification Of Signs
150.183: General Sign Regulations
150.184: Specific Regulations
150.185: Prohibited Sign Locations And Types
150.186: Exempted Signs
150.187: Maintenance And Removal Of Signs
150.188: Procedure For Appeals To Board Of Adjustment
150.999: Penalty