For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning:
A-FRAME SIGN: A stationary outdoor sign with two (2) faces attached at one surface on each face to form a triangle with one side parallel to the grade.
ADVERTISING SIGN: An outdoor structure, object, display, lighting device, figure, painting, drawing, message, pictorial picture, plaque, poster, billboard or other thing which is used to advertise, identify, display or attract attention to an object, person, institution, organization, business, product, service, event or location by any means, including words, letters, figures, designs, symbols, fixtures, colors, illumination or projected images.
AVERAGE GRADE: The grade of the finished ground level at the midpoint of each exterior surface of a sign, or a structure in the event that the signs are attached to the structure.
AWNING, CANOPY OR MARQUEE SIGN: A projecting sign attached to, hung from or painted on a canopy or covered structure which extends beyond the building line or property line.
BACK TO BACK SIGN: A structure with two (2) parallel signs with their faces oriented in opposite directions located not more than ten feet (10') apart. A back to back sign shall constitute one off premises sign.
BILLBOARD: Any freestanding sign or a sign that is attached to or part of a building and is an off premises sign with a sign area of more than one hundred twenty eight (128) square feet on each side.
BUILDING/ELECTRICAL INSPECTOR: The designated authority for enforcement of this subchapter.
CITY: The city of Woodward, Woodward County, Oklahoma.
COMMUNITY SERVICES SIGN: Any sign which solicits support for or advertises a nonprofit community use or social institution. Such signs may include, but shall not be limited to, seasonal holidays, such as Christmas or Easter, school activities, charitable programs or religious activities.
CULTURAL FACILITIES: Establishments such as museums, art galleries, public libraries, botanical and zoological gardens and theaters of the performing arts, which although they may charge an admission fee, are essentially nonprofit and principally funded through public expenditures, grants and donations.
ERECT: To construct, build, raise, assemble, replace, affix, attach, create, paint, draw or in any way bring into being or establish.
FLOODWAY: The channel of a stream and adjacent land areas which are required to carry and discharge the flood flows of any river or stream associated with the regulatory flood.
FREESTANDING SIGN: Any sign which is not attached to or on the walls, face or exterior of a building, except as provided in the definition of a standard "roof sign", as defined in this section.
HANGING SIGN: A sign which is suspended over a sidewalk, street or other public right of way. An overhanging sign may or may not be a projecting sign.
HISTORIC BUILDING OR HISTORIC STRUCTURE: Any building or structure which is officially designated as historically or architecturally significant by a unit of local, state or federal government.
HOME OCCUPATION SIGN: Any nonilluminated nameplate sign not exceeding two (2) square feet in area.
MESSAGE CENTER SIGN: Any electronic communication display device utilizing lights, diodes or similar illumination to create letters, numerals or graphic presentations capable of one or more such various functions or operating modes as steady, scrolling, traveling, alternating or flashing copy.
OFF PREMISES SIGN: Any sign other than on premises sign.
OFFICIAL SIGN: Any sign erected by or at direction of any governmental body.
ON PREMISES SIGN: Any sign which advertises only goods, services, facilities, events or attractions available on the premises where located, or identifies the owners or occupant or directs traffic on the premises.
OUTDOOR ADVERTISING SIGN: See definition of Advertising Sign.
POLITICAL SIGN: A temporary sign announcing or supporting political candidates or issues in connection with any national, state or local election.
PORTABLE SIGN: Any sign designed or constructed to be easily moved from one location to another, including signs designed to be mounted on a trailer, wheeled carrier or other nonmotorized mobile structure.
PREMISES: Any lot or unplatted tract, or any combination of contiguous lots or unplatted tracts, held under single ownership.
PROJECTING SIGN: A sign affixed to any building, wall, roof, marquee or other structural elements which extends or projects more than twelve inches (12") from such wall, roof, marquee or other structural element.
PUBLIC INFORMATION SIGN: Any sign which is intended to identify community, civic or social events and is not any of the following signs: commercial, political, official or real estate.
REAL ESTATE SIGN: Any temporary bulletin board or sign, not exceeding twelve (12) square feet in area, appertaining to the lease, hire or sale of a building or premises, which board or sign shall be removed as soon as the premises is leased, hired or sold. Except where it pertains to agriculturally zoned areas, in which case, it shall not exceed forty (40) square feet.
RESIDENTIAL NAMEPLATE SIGN: A sign permitted for the sole purpose of identifying the inhabitant residing therein, the house name or identifying the address of the house. The sign may contain no advertising of any kind.
ROOF SIGN: Any sign erected, constructed and maintained wholly upon or over the roof of any building with the principal supports on the roof structure or appurtenance thereto.
TEMPORARY SIGN: A sign that is not permanently affixed to a building, structure or the ground.
TRAFFIC CONTROL SIGN: A permitted sign for the purpose of identifying parking areas and directing the flow of traffic on private property.
WALL SIGN: A sign affixed to a wall, marquee or other structural element of any building, which does not project more than twenty four inches (24") from the wall, marquee or other structural elements, or extend more than five feet (5') above the wall, marquee or other structural element to which it is attached. (2001 Code § 150.180; amd. 2012 Code)