The following sections of the international building code, as set forth in section 150.015 of this chapter, are hereby revised as follows:
Section 101.1 Insert: city of Woodward.
Section 103.2 Delete: "chief appointing authority of the jurisdiction".
Insert: "city manager".
Section 105.2 Delete: under building section; all of 2.
Delete: under building section; all of 6.
Delete: under building section; 9. "Group R-3 occupancies".
Insert: under building section; 9. "All residential occupancies" in place of "Group R-3 occupancies".
Delete: under building section; all of 12.
Delete: under plumbing section; "replacement or" in second paragraph, fourth line.
Section 105.5 Delete: "180".
Insert: "90".
Section 107.1 Exception:
Insert: "Provided, however, the building inspector shall have the discretion to require engineering and/or architectural drawings for any building constructed or remodeled within the city of Woodward."
"All metal framed buildings in excess of 120 square feet of floor space shall have an approved engineer stamped drawing of said structure."
Section 109.2 Insert: Fees.
            (1)   Commercial building permit fees are $5 for the first $1000, and $1 for each additional $1000 of estimated construction cost. There will be a minimum charge of $15.
            (2)   $10 for mobile home parking.
            (3)   $15 for each day for moving structure while in progress in the city limits.
            (4)   $10 for demolition.
            (5)   $10 for fences.
            (6)   $10 - each additional call which the code officer has to make for incomplete or unapproved work.
Work that is started before a permit is acquired, the fee will be doubled.
Section 114.4 Insert: Misdemeanor - $100, no imprisonment, per day, per offense.
Section 115.3 Insert: $20 - $100 fine per day, per offense.
Section 1809.7 Insert: All structures with more than 200 square feet of floor area shall have a continuous footing at least 12" wide by 18" deep.
(Ord. 1640, 11-21-2016)