General Provisions
70.001: Definitions
70.002: Obedience To Title Required
70.003: Duty Of Police And Fire Departments; Obedience To Officers
70.004: Emergency And Experimental Regulations
70.005: Climbing On Moving Trains
70.006: Persons Propelling Pushcarts, Riding Animals Or Driving Animal Drawn Vehicles To Obey Traffic Signals
70.007: Use Of Coasters, Roller Skates And Similar Devices Restricted
70.008: Application Of Regulations To Public Officers And Employees
70.009: Exceptions For Persons Working On Streets
70.010: Maintenance And Construction Zones
70.011: Authorized Emergency Vehicles
70.012: Eluding Police Officers
Licensing Provisions
70.025: Driver's License Required
70.026: Driving A Motor Vehicle With Suspended License
70.027: Operation Of Vehicle Without State Vehicle License Prohibited
70.028: State Vehicle License Plate Required
70.029: Permitting Unauthorized Minor To Drive
70.030: Permitting Unauthorized Person To Drive
70.031: Security Verification Form Required
Traffic Control Devices
70.045: Authority To Install Traffic Control Devices
70.046: Manual And Specifications For Traffic Control Devices
70.047: Obedience To Official Traffic Control Devices
70.048: Unlawful To Avoid Traffic Control Device
70.049: When Traffic Signs Required For Enforcement Purposes
70.050: Traffic Control Signal Legend
70.051: Pedestrian Control Signals
70.052: Flashing Signals
70.053: Pedestrian Actuated School Crossing Signals
70.054: Display Of Unauthorized Signs, Signals Or Markings
70.055: Interference With Official Traffic Control Devices Or Railroad Signs And Signals
70.056: Play Streets
70.057: Police Chief To Designate Crosswalks And Establish Safety Zones
70.058: Traffic Lanes
70.059: Authority To Place Turning Markers; Obedience
70.060: Authority To Place Restricted Turn Signs
70.061: Obedience To No Turn Signs
70.075: Report Of Accident
70.076: Giving Information And Rendering Aid
70.077: Leaving The Scene Of An Accident
70.090: Enforcement; Citation Tags
70.091: Failure To Comply With Citation Tag
70.092: Presumption In Reference To Illegal Parking
70.093: When Complaint To Be Entered And Warrant Issued
70.094: Abandoned, Junked And Inoperative Vehicles
70.999: Penalty