A.   Appointment; Assistants: There shall be a city inspector, who shall be appointed by the city manager for an indefinite term and who shall be removable by the city manager. The city manager may also appoint assistant city inspectors, who shall serve indefinite terms and who shall be removable by the city manager. Whenever any law or ordinance refers to the city inspector, it shall be deemed to mean the city inspector or assistant city inspectors set forth in this section.
   B.   Powers And Duties: The city inspector shall have all the powers, duties and functions as set forth within this chapter, and shall conduct all inspections and issue all permits, licenses and notices as hereinafter required.
   C.   Authority To Enter Premises: The city inspector is hereby vested with full authority to enter any premises in the discharge of his duties and to pass upon and decide any questions arising under the provisions of this chapter.
   D.   Interference Prohibited: No person shall interfere with the city inspector in the discharge of his duties. (2001 Code § 150.001; amd. 2012 Code)