The following sections of the international residential code for one- and two-family dwellings, as set forth in section 150.030 of this chapter, are hereby revised as follows:
Section 101.1 Insert: city of Woodward.
Section R105.2 Delete: Paragraph 2, 5, and 10.
Section R112.1 Delete: Whole section.
Insert: Chapter 7, article 6, of city of Woodward housing code for appeals and method of appeal.
Section R113.4 Insert: shall be punishable by a fine of a minimum of $20 and maximum of $100 and no imprisonment.
Section R108 Insert: Fee.
            (1)   Residential building permit fees are assessed at $10 for the first $1000 and $1 for each additional $1000, and a minimum charge of $10.
            (2)   $10 for each day for moving structure while in progress in the city.
            (3)   $10 for demolition.
            (4)   $10 for fences.
            (5)   $10 - each additional call which the code officer has to make for incomplete or unapproved work.
Work that is started before a permit is acquired, the fee will be doubled.
Table R301.2(1) Climatic And Geographic Design Criteria
   Table R301.2(1)
   Climatic And Geographic Design Criteria
See table at page 3.
Section E3406.3 Delete: 14 AWG and 12 AWG.
Insert: 12 AWG and 10 AWG.
(Ord. 1637, 11-21-2016)