The following sections of the 2015 international mechanical code M and 2015 fuel gas code G, as set forth in section 150.080 of this chapter, are hereby revised as follows:
M/G section 101.1 Insert: city of Woodward.
M/G section 106.3 Delete: The application shall be signed by the owner or an authorized agent.
Insert: The application shall be purchased and signed by the licensed/registered contractor.
M section 106.5.2 See section 150.082 of the city code for fee schedule.
G section 106.6.2 See section 150.082 of the city code for fee schedule.
M section 106.5.3 Delete: All section 106.5.3.
G section 106.6.3 Delete: All section 106.6.3.
M/G section 108.4 Insert: Misdemeanor, $100 and no imprisonment.
M/G section 108.5 Insert: $20 and $100 per offense per day.
G section 402.1.1 Insert: Minimum gas service.
Mobile home 1".
Everything else 11/4".
G section 403.1.1 Insert: Materials approved for use in the city:
Steel pipe.
Polyethylene pipe.
Corrugated stainless steel tubing.
G section 404.12 Delete: Minimum burial depth of 12".
Insert: Minimum burial depth of 24" for black pipe, 30" for polyethylene.
G section 404.12.1 Individual outside application.
Delete: 8".
Insert: 24".
G section 406.4.1 Insert: 20 lbs. test pressure system, unless 11/2 times the working pressure is preapproved by the inspector.
G section 406.4.2 Insert: Two hours minimum for test.
(Ord. 1638, 11-21-2016)