Any licensing and regulatory board established by this chapter may suspend, revoke or deny a license required by such article of any person convicted of any violation of this chapter, or for any of the following reasons:
   A.   Wilful fraud or misrepresentation practiced in procuring or renewal of a license.
   B.   Dishonesty.
   C.   Gross incompetence.
   D.   Conduct likely to or intended to deceive or defraud the public.
   E.   Loaning of his license or registration or permit to any other person for any reason.
   F.   Obtaining a fee or compensation by fraud or misrepresentation.
   G.   Wilful advertising or publishing or otherwise making known of any grossly false, fraudulent or misleading statements of his business skill, knowledge or methods of operation.
   H.   Work, construction, design, installation, alteration, servicing, repairing or maintenance done in such a manner as to be detrimental to the safety, health or general welfare of the public.
   I.   Misconduct in the use of his license or transaction thereunder.
   J.   Violation or disregard of any regulations or provisions established by the respective board. (2001 Code § 150.170)