A certificate of compliance shall not be issued unless the following objectives shall be achieved:
   A.   To promote a flexible but unitary site development plan for residential development;
   B.   To permit a clustering of dwelling units at appropriate gross densities for the preservation of existing landscape features and to promote most efficient possible use of open space;
   C.   To combine and coordinate building forms and building relationships within the planned unit developments;
   D.   To encourage innovative development of smaller parcels of land that have been passed over;
   E.   To ensure a quality of construction and public improvements commensurate with other development within the city;
   F.   To provide a choice in the types of environment, occupancy tenure, types of housing, types of ownership and community facilities available to existing and potential residents; and
   G.   To give the developer reasonable assurance of ultimate approval before investing in complete design development while providing the city with assurances that the project will retain the character envisioned at the time of approval. (2001 Code § 150.123)