A.   Hanging Signs: All permanent signs shall be erected so as not to overhang the curb line at any street or alley.
      1.   Location: May be hung perpendicular to, suspended from or attached to buildings, walls or canopies. Signs may also be suspended under a marquee.
      2.   Height: Shall maintain a clear height of eight feet (8') above the sidewalk grade and shall not extend more than two feet (2') of the curb line.
   B.   Political Signs: Political signs shall be subject to the following restrictions:
      1.   Location: Shall not be placed on a right of way, traffic sign, dumpsters or signal or utility pole in any district.
      2.   Private Property: Shall be placed only on private property after obtaining the permission of the property owner.
      3.   Interference: Shall not block or interfere with the view of drivers of vehicles at intersections of streets or streets and alleys.
      4.   Temporary, Freestanding: Shall be temporary and freestanding only.
      5.   Removal Time Limit: Shall be removed from all zoning districts within seventy two (72) hours after the polls close in an election.
   C.   Portable (Wheeled) Signs: Portable signs shall be permitted in commercial and industrial districts subject to the following regulations:
      1.   Illumination: Illuminated portable signs may be white or yellow, maximum of sixty (60) watts, and shall meet all requirements of the city electrical code.
      2.   Setback: Sign shall be set back ten feet (10') from the curb or zero feet (0') from the property line, whichever is the greater. Any location not meeting this setback requirement will not be allowed to use a portable sign.
   D.   Roof Signs: Roof signs shall be subject to the following restrictions:
      1.   Construction Materials: All roof signs, including the upright supports and braces thereof, shall be constructed entirely of noncombustible materials; combustible structural trim may be used thereon.
      2.   Grounding Required: All metal parts shall be grounded as a protection against lightning.
      3.   Sloping Roof Signs: Sloping roof signs shall not project horizontally beyond the perimeters of the roof. Not more than seventy five percent (75%) of any sloping roof area shall be devoted to this type sign.
   E.   Wall Signs; Projection: Wall signs are attached on premises signs, and shall be governed by the following restrictions:
      1.   Shall not project horizontally beyond the perimeters of the wall or extend more than five feet (5') above the wall to which it is attached.
      2.   Wall signs shall not project more than twenty four inches (24") from the wall. (2001 Code § 150.184)