A.   The city inspector shall inspect and supervise the installation of all extensions, fixtures or devices used in connection with or to carry current for light, heat or power in or on all buildings located within the city; and upon completion of such installations in accordance with all the requirements of this subchapter, the city inspector shall issue a certificate of approval. No person, firm or corporation shall connect to or use any electrical wiring or equipment until such certificate is issued. No electrical work to be concealed in construction shall be closed or covered until after the same has been inspected and passed by the city inspector.
   B.   The city inspector shall have general supervision over all electrical wiring, lines and equipment, in or on all buildings, streets, alleys or subways within the city.
   C.   The city inspector shall inspect all electrical wiring and apparatus within the city from time to time in order to ascertain whether such electrical wiring, equipment or apparatus is in any respect dangerous to life or property; and if any part of said electrical wiring, equipment or apparatus shall be found in a defective or dangerous condition, he shall notify, in writing, the owner of such wiring, equipment or apparatus to have the defects corrected within a reasonable time. If the owner refuses or fails to correct all defects as directed within the specified time, the city inspector shall cause the supply of current to the defective wiring, equipment or apparatus to cease until all defects have been corrected in a manner satisfactory to the city inspector. (2001 Code § 150.064)