General Provisions
   51.001   Goals and objectives
   51.002   Definitions
   51.003   Use of public sewers required
   51.004   Individual private sewage disposal
   51.005   Compliance with other regulations
Use of the Wastewater Treatment System
   51.015   Discharges of unpolluted waters
   51.016   Discharges to natural outlets or storm sewers
   51.017   Storm or subsurface water not to be permitted to enter sanitary sewer
   51.018   Discharges to manholes
   51.019   Discharges of wastes producing certain results
   51.020   Prohibited discharges
   51.021   Discharge of radioactive material prohibited
   51.022   Wastes from garbage grinders
   51.023   Grease, oil, and sand interceptors
   51.024   Effluent limitations
   51.025   City approval of facilities not to act as guarantee
   51.026   Maintenance of pretreatment facilities; report of pollutants
   51.027   Plans for pretreatment facilities to be submitted
   51.028   Modifications
   51.029   More stringent regulations to apply
   51.030   Permitted actions by the city
   51.031   Facilities for protection from accidental discharge
   51.032   Users to notify city of discharges in violation
   51.033   User to submit time schedule of actions after violation
   51.034   Violation constitutes public nuisance
   51.035   Charge for damaging wastewater treatment works
   51.036   Revocation of permit or termination of service for violation
   51.037   Permit required prior to filling operations
   51.038   Tampering with wastewater treatment works
   51.039   Special agreements
Rates and Charges
   51.050   Basis for charges
   51.051   Water and sewer rate schedule
   51.052   Billing and payment
   51.053   Availability presumes use
   51.054   New sanitary sewers
   51.055   Claims for exemption from charges
   51.056   Sources of water from other than city supplies
   51.057   Requests for reduction in sewer charges
   51.058   Disconnection, other actions, for failure to pay
   51.059   Billing procedure; delinquency
   51.060   Payment by check; service fee for returned checks
   51.061   Special meters
   51.062   Additional meters
   51.063   Reserved
   51.064   Auxiliary meters
   51.065   No reduction in water charge; exception
Wastewater Discharge Permit
   51.085   Major contributing industries to obtain wastewater discharge permit
   51.086   Application
   51.087   Contents of permit
   51.088   City may adopt charges and fees
   51.089   Duration of permit; renewal; notification of charges
   51.090   Permits not to be reassigned, transferred, or sold
   51.091   Publication of significant violators
   51.092   Revocation of permit
   51.093   Monitoring facilities
   51.094   Right of entry of city personnel
   51.095   Public information; confidential information
   51.096   Approval of facilities by city no guarantee of function
   51.097   Special agreements
   51.098   Falsification
Wastewater Treatment System Surcharge
   51.110   Determination of surcharge
   51.111   Industrial waste questionnaire
   51.112   Observation chambers
   51.113   Measurements, tests, and analyses
   51.114   Results of sampling
   51.115   Right of entry of city personnel
   51.116   Annual wastewater treatment system surcharge sample
   51.117   Exemption from surcharge
   51.118   Measurement of wastewater by means other than meters
   51.119   Right to appeal
Plans for Wastewater Treatment Works
   51.130   Approval of city required
   51.131   Plan submission requirements for review
   51.132   Scale of drawings
   51.133   Elevations
   51.134   Plans to be signed and sealed by engineer
   51.135   Plans requiring state approval
Water and Sewers9
   51.136   Approval void if no action taken within certain length of time
   51.137   Determination of the amount of sewage
   51.138   Determination of conduit size and slope
   51.139   Manhole placement
   51.140   Distance from street right-of-way
   51.141   Branch sewer connections
   51.142   Compression joints
   51.143   Cast iron pipes; key blocks
   51.144   Pipes in concrete cradle or encased in concrete
   51.145   Manhole frames and covers
   51.146   Special agreements
   51.147   Workmanship and materials; defects
   51.148   Leakage check
   51.149   Sanitary sewers in subdivisions under construction
   51.150   Inspection by city
   51.151   Sanitary sewers to meet specifications of city
Building Sewer Connections and Permits
   51.165   Permits required for connection
   51.166   Connections of surface runoff or groundwater sources prohibited
   51.167   Separate building sewer for each building required
   51.168   Building sewer connections to manholes prohibited
   51.169   Material standards; minimum grade
   51.170   Construction requirements
   51.171   Gravity flow
   51.172   Owner responsible for cleaning, maintenance, and repair of building sewer
   51.173   Permits to be issued only to persons in sewer construction business; responsibility
   51.174   Application for permit; costs and expenses; inspection
   51.175   Sewer hookups for second generation homeowners
   51.176   Septic tanks to be abandoned
Disposal of Holding Tank Wastes
   51.190   Discharge into water course or storm sewer prohibited
   51.191   Wastes originating within the city
   51.192   Wastes originating outside city
   51.193   Sewage disposal into city system prohibited
   51.194   Discharges of other than domestic sewage
Powers, Authority, and Enforcement
   51.210   Access to records and information
   51.211   Right of entry
   51.212   Service of notice of violations
   51.213   Enforcement actions available to city
   51.214   Violation constitutes nuisance
   51.215   Cease and desist injunction
   51.216   Liability for damages
   51.999   Penalty