General Provisions
   70.001   Incorporation of state laws
   70.002   Definitions
   70.003   Riding on outside of motor vehicle
   70.004   Clinging to motor vehicle
   70.005   Roller skating or riding on skateboards, coasters, and the like on sidewalks and public highways
   70.006   Riding on handlebars
   70.007   Procedure in certain cases
Signs and Signals
   70.020   Council to determine and designate by resolution; uniformity with state system
   70.021   Installation and maintenance
   70.022   Intersections
   70.023   Crosswalks
   70.024   Safety zones; traffic lanes
   70.025   Obedience to signs and signals
   70.026   Unauthorized signs and signals prohibited
   70.027   Interference with official signs and signals
   70.028   Bicycle trails and routes authorized
   70.040   Driver’s permit required
   70.041   Obstruction to vision
   70.042   Speed limits established
   70.043   Vehicles prohibited in recreation areas
   70.044   Exhibition driving defined
   70.045   Careless driving; penalties
   70.046   Driving through processions
   70.047   Boarding or alighting from moving vehicles
   70.048   Passing vehicle yielding right-of-way to pedestrians
   70.049   Backing into intersection
   70.050   Backing from alley in business district
   70.051   U-turns
   70.052   Changing direction through private property
   70.053   Driving over sidewalk
   70.054   Regulation of traffic subsequent to fire alarms
   70.055   Accident procedure
   70.056   Accident procedure in cases of unattended vehicles
   70.057   Electronic message and wireless communication device defined
   70.058   Prohibition of use of electronic message
   70.059   Exceptions to prohibition of use of wireless communication devices and electronic messages
Stopping, Standing, and Parking
   70.070   Interpretation
   70.071   City Council to designate and regulate parking areas
   70.072   Prohibited in certain places
   70.073   Designation of no-parking areas for temporary purposes; temporary permissible parking privileges in otherwise designated as no-parking areas
   70.074   Time limitation; generally
   70.075   Removal of vehicle in violation authorized; reclaiming by owner
   70.076   Stop signs and red lights; right turn on red light
   70.077   Loading and unloading
Inclement Weather Restrictions
   70.090   Prohibition of travel during emergencies
   70.091   Stalled vehicles
   70.092   Abandoned vehicles in snow prohibited
   70.093   Special street signs for snow removal
   70.094   Towing of violators
   70.095   Unauthorized removal of impounded vehicles
   70.096   Emergency snow routes
Truck Routes
   70.110   Definitions
   70.111   Applicability; exceptions
   70.112   Enforcement
   70.113   Truck routes established
   70.114   Trucks traveling into and through city
   70.125   Definition
   70.126   Automobile rules of the road applicable
   70.127   Driver’s license required
   70.128   Restricted areas
   70.129   Crossing intersections
   70.130   Operation on sidewalks
   70.131   Safety equipment
   70.132   Safety regulations
   70.133   Impoundment authorized
   70.145   Traffic laws to apply
   70.146   Brakes and lights
   70.147   Operation regulations
   70.148   Riding in certain fire zones prohibited
   70.149   Parking
   70.160   Rights and duties; generally
   70.161   Use of crosswalks
   70.162   Soliciting rides
Bicycle and Tricycle Routes
   70.175   Traffic limited
   70.176   Pedestrians to have right-of-way
   70.177   Riders subject to traffic regulations
   70.178   Enforcement
Parking Meters
   70.190   Definitions
   70.191   Parking Meter Zone
   70.192   Manner of installation of meters
   70.193   Parking space and marking
   70.194   Double parking prohibited
   70.195   Parking time
   70.196   Price rate for parking
   70.197   Violations
   70.198   Enforcement
   70.199   Penalties prescribed
   70.200   Collection of deposits
   70.201   Record of violations preserved
   70.202   Hours and days operated
Motorized Foot Scooters
   70.220   Automobile rules of the road applicable
   70.221   Prohibited parking areas
Operating Authority License
   70.230   Operating authority license
   70.231   Application for operating authority license
   70.232   Review and evaluation criteria
   70.233   Changes to information in operating authority application
   70.234   Expiration of operating authority license
   70.235   Suspension and revocation
   70.236   Guidelines within operating authority license
   70.237   Age requirement
   70.238   Riding areas
   70.239   Prohibited parking areas
   70.240   Operations
   70.241   Safety equipment
   70.999   Penalty