Sec. 5-112  Amendments and Review.
   The impact fee provided for herein is based upon data which, in large part, is subject to inflation and other economic and market forces over which the Town has no control. The Town Council shall, therefore, not less than once each year, cause a review to be made by Town staff or consultants as may be required, to determine the continuing validity of the Impact Fee, the Impact Zone, and the Zone Improvement Plan. The Town Council shall consider and adopt such amendments as are necessary to cause a substantive compliance with the rational nexus test to continue, to insure that procedural due process is maintained or enhanced and to insure that this ordinance meets the requirements of the Indiana Code § 36-7-4-1300 series. To the extent required by the facts and circumstances, this process shall include the steps necessary to update the Zone Improvement Plan and the Comprehensive Plan.
(Ord. No. 1400, § 13, 11-26-97)