Sec. 5-20  Molesting Wildlife; Hunting and Fishing.
   a.   Molesting Wildlife; Hunting - No person within the confines of the park shall hunt; pursue with dogs; trap; use walkie-talkie radios, plans, snowmobiles (or other devices to pursue) or in any other way molest any wild bird or animal found within the confines of the parks, or rob or molest any animal den and/or bird nest or take the eggs of any bird.
   b.   Fishing.
      1.   No person shall fish in park waters posted as areas of no fishing by the Board of Parks and Recreation.
      2.   In all other park water, fishing shall be permitted subject to statutes of the State of Indiana.
      3.   Fishing shall not be permitted during the hours the park is closed.
   c.   Fires.
      1.   Starting and Tending Fires.
         a)   No person shall start a fire on park lands except small fires for culinary purposes in park grills or privately owned grills, or fires in a place or designated areas approved by the board.
         b)   All fires shall be continuously attended under the care and direction of a competent person eighteen (18) years of age or older.
         c)   All fires shall be extinguished by the person or persons starting or using the same before leaving the immediate vicinity of the fire.
         d)   No fires shall be built within ten (10) feet of any tree or building, or beneath the branches of any tree, or in any underbrush.
      2.   Regulation Set Forth by Superintendent - The Superintendent of Parks and Recreation may, at his discretion, prohibit fires for limited periods at any location or for any purpose when necessary for the protection of park property.
      3.   Dumping of Ashes - The dumping of hot ashes or fire from portable picnic grills onto the grass or plants is prohibited. Hot ashes shall be deposited only in specified areas or designated receptacles, but not in picnic refuse receptacles.
      4.   Lighted Matches, Cigars, Cigarettes, and Pipe Ashes - No person shall throw away or discard any lit or unlit match, cigar, cigarette or pipe ashes within or adjacent to any park property.
(Res. No. 88-4, § 5, 8-4-88 of the Park Board Res. incorporated into Ord. No. 1267, § 1, 1-26-94)