Sec. 5-7  Town Parks. 2
   a. Parks and recreation facilities that exist within the Town of Schererville's boundaries are divided into four (4) categories. The first category is that land which is owned by the Town for use by the Park Board. The second category is property owned by the Lake Central School Corporation. The third category is land which is owned by private schools. The fourth category consists of land and facilities owned by other organizations.
   b.   The first category consists of eight (8) parks. A brief description of each park follows.
      1.   Beidron Park is a six (6) acre Neighborhood Park located in the center of town just southeast of Redar Park. The adjacent land use is residential. Beidron currently has one (1) tennis court, one (1) picnic shelter, and a playground.
      2.   Grimmer Tot Lot is a one (1) acre Tot Lot located in the north central portion of Schererville in a residential neighborhood. Grimmer contains a play structure, tot toys and park benches.
      3.   Grove Park is a one (1) acre special use area located in a residential area. Grove currently has a sheltered picnic table,
      4.   Plum Creek Park is an eight (8) acre neighborhood park in the Plum Creek area of Schererville. Plum Creek is a fast-growing residential area. Plum Creek currently has a restroom, playground and soccer field. Summer day camp and soccer are the programs available.
      5.   Redar Park is a 9.2 acre neighborhood park that is also used as a community park. Redar is located in the center of town in a residential area. Redar has a parking lot, 2 Softball fields, basketball court, security lighting, restrooms, picnic shelter and playground. Current programs are the summer day camp and girls softball.
      6.   Rolling Hills Park is a 2.5 acre neighborhood park located in the eastern part of Schererville just north of U.S. 30. The area is residential in nature and is not currently growing. Currently, Rolling Hills has a picnic shelter, backstop, basketball court and playground.
      7.   Smith Tot Lot is a one (1) acre tot lot located in a residential area south of U.S. 30 and west of Austin Avenue. The tot lot has a play structure, sheltered picnic table, and other tot toys. Smith was developed as a Lions Club project.
      8.   Stephen Park is a twenty (20) acre community park located in the southwest portion of Schererville. The land use is residential. The park currently has a picnic shelter, restroom, volleyball court, 2 softball fields, overlapping soccer fields, 2 tennis courts, a playground and parking lot. Programs offered are summer day camp, tennis lessons, girls softball and soccer.
(1989 Park and Recreation Plan, pp. 24-25)



2   Editor's Note: A listing of additional parks is to be on file in the Town Manager's Office and was to be prepared by the Town during the recodification process.