Sec. 5-19  Littering, Rubbish, Garbage, Sewage and Noxious Material, Air Pollution, Nuisance and/or Damage.
   a.   Depositing Unauthorized Waste in Park:
      1.   No person shall bring into, leave behind, dump or litter with material of any kind in the park, except refuse, ashes, garbage and other material arising from normal use and enjoyment which shall be deposited in receptacles or pits provided for such purposes.
      2.   No person shall leave or deposit any material without or near the parks so as to pollute the land, waters or air coursing through or over the parks, or otherwise, to interfere with proper use and enjoyment of all parks.
      3.   No person shall leave, deposit or throw away any bottles, cans, refuse, or foreign materials of any description, into any stream, waterways, ponds or lakes located in or adjacent to park land.
   b.   Prohibited Noxious or Deleterious Material - No person shall, either within or outside the park, place or permit to be placed in any lake, river, brook, stream, ditch, sewer or drain that flows into or through park lands any noxious or deleterious material which may render (harm to) vegetation or aquatic life, or which may prevent, limit or interfere with the use and enjoyment of such waters for domestic, industrial or agricultural purposes, or which may lesson to an unreasonable degree the use and enjoyment of such waters for park lands for recreational or other park uses.
   c.   Air Pollution and/or Damage.
      1.   No person, occupant, owner or person in charge, by himself or herself, his or her agent or employee, shall cause, suffer or allow the burning of garbage, refuse, waste material, trash, motor vehicles, industrial processes or any part thereof or other combustibles within or adjacent to the park so as to cause smoke, odor, sparks, dust, dirt, etc., to come upon, pass through or over the park which would cause an air pollution nuisance or damage.
      2.   All fires in a park grill and those open fires allowed by special permit signed by the Superintendent shall be permitted providing the material used is not taken live from the park and maintained so that such burning can be accomplished without the emission of dense smoke, sparks, odor, dust, ash, etc., which may cause an air pollution nuisance or damage.
(Res. No. 88-4, § 4, 8-4-88 of the Park Board Res. incorporated into Ord. No. 1267, § 1, 1-26-94)