Sec. 5-16  Construction and Scope of Division.
   It is the interpretation of this Division that its provisions be construed as follows:
   a.   All references to a specific gender (eg., he, himself, etc.) shall henceforth, refer to both genders (e.g., the word "he" shall represent both male and female persons).
   b.   The superintendent, with the approval of the Park and Board and subsequent approval of the Town Council, shall have the power to add or delete rules and regulations from the contents of this Division.
   c.   Detailed information of rules and regulations referred to in general terms in this Division and contained in different literature published by the department shall be considered supplemental material of this Division and shall be binding by law.
   d.   Any requirement or provisions of this Division relating to any act shall respectively extend to and include the causing, procuring, aiding or abetting, directly or indirectly, of such act or the permitting or the allowing of any minor in the custody of any person to do any act prohibited by any provision hereof.
   e.   No provision hereof shall make unlawful any act necessarily performed by any officer of the law or employee of the Parks and Recreation Department in the line of duty.
   f.   This Division is in addition and supplemental to all municipal, state and federal laws and ordinances.
   g.   This Division shall be effective within and upon all areas under the jurisdiction of the board and shall regulate the use thereof by all persons.
(Res. No. 88-4, § 1, 8-4-88 of the Park Board Res. incorporated into Ord. No. 1267, § 1, 1-26-94)