Sec. 5-102  Zone Improvement Plan.
   As a precondition to the adoption of this ordinance, the Town Council undertook a comprehensive and detailed park and recreational impact analysis through the employment for that purpose of Pflum, Klausmeier & Gehrum Consultants. The Town Council does now find that the resulting study and data base constitute a sufficient study to constitute a zone improvement plan. The Town Council does hereby adopt the Infrastructure Improvement Plan prepared by Pflum, Klausmeier & Gehrum Consultants dated according to its most recent update on the 1 st day of May, 1997, as its Zone Improvement Plan and fords in this regard that said Zone Improvement Plan does contained the following elements:
      1.   Reasonable estimates relating to the nature and location of development that is expected within the Impact Zone during the planning period which, for the purposes of this ordinance is defined to be a period of ten (10) years commencing with the date of adoption hereof.
      2.   A reasonable determination of the community level of service for the Impact Zone.
      3.   A reasonable determination of the current level of services provided within the Impact Zone.
      4.   A reasonable estimate of the nature, location, sequencing, and timing of the park and recreational requirements and costs necessary to provide the community level of service for the developments contemplated in sub-paragraph (1) hereof.
      5.   A reasonable estimate of the share of the park and recreational costs identified in subparagraph (4) hereof that will be used to:
         (a)   raise the current level of service for existing development or provide service to existing development; or
         (b)   provide service to new development.
      6.   A reasonable estimate of revenues that:
         (a)   are from sources other than impact fees, and
         (b)   will be used to finance the cost identified in sub-paragraph (5) (a) above.
      7.   A description of the nature and location of existing infrastructure in the impact
      8.   A general description of the sources and amounts of money used to pay for infrastructure during the previous five (5) years.
   In addition, the Town Council specifically adopts the Zone Improvement Plan as an official part of the Comprehensive Plan of the Town of Schererville, pursuant to Indiana Code, § 36-74-500 and following.
(Ord. No. 1400, § 3, 11-26-97)